Pioneer & Innovator

  • Constant thrust on Product innovation and technology
  • Offers Innovative solutions that are both efficient and sustainable
  • The company holds multiple patents and have invented the world’s First Large Size Balancing Valve
  • Innovation has evolved to a formally structured research and development activity


  • The company is amongst the Top 3 Make in India Valve Manufacturers using advanced technology and efficient processes to achieve the highest standards of Quality & Delivery.
  • Advance Valves’ ambition to go global while not losing the Indian identity has put India on the global map, especially in the valve industry

Customer Centricity

  • The company focuses on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and a satisfying execution experience
  • Over the years we have become a Preferred vendor by Meeting and Exceeding customer expectations through regular product enhancements and customized solutions.
  • The solutions are with good quality and proper performance along with acceptable cost and timely delivery through a disciplined Value Engineering, Quality assurance plan and third-party assurance.
  • This has been achieved with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs right from the beginning and winning their confidence with our sincerity & Commitment as a reliable project partner.

High Tech Engineering

  • Advance Valves has been a torchbearer in making India a high-value strategic sourcing partner from being a destination for low-cost sourcing in the last 20 years.
  • Advance Valves saw an opportunity to create a world class technology company with a global perspective. Today, the company is well recognized as a Vendor with cutting edge manufacturing and robust quality management systems.
  • It’s considered a Reliable source for specialized range of Valves with high tech engineering
  • Advance Valves also contributes to the industry as a voting member of the API Sub-Committee on Piping and Valves (SCOPV), where all API product standards such as API 594, 598, 600, 609 etc. are written and debated

Application Orientation

  • The company chooses to focus on a small set of products that it does really well. This is made possible because of its domain knowledge, high quality products and dedicated support.
  • Executives spend time with customers and understand their requirements to come up with solutions. Engineering and Design closely interacts with the customer throughout the whole process to make sure that they are in sync with them and maintain full transparency.
  • The company gives the customer the optimum product for their application, keeping project costs, project schedule and subsequent maintenance costs down.

Product Strength

  • Advance Valves’ Dual Plate Check Valve is considered the most versatile check valve design providing improved efficiency in operations, offers a solution to reduce plant sizes and weight compared with swing check valves.
  • For larger sizes the weight of a dual plate check is about 20% as compared to a swing check valve with much superior performance capability and energy efficiency.
  • With its High-Performance Butterfly Valve range, the company offers a lighter and competitive solution-oriented product

In-house capabilities

  • Infrastructure is the strongest foundation for Advance Valves. In addition, the company focuses on strong process capability and agility to adapt to the different requirements specific to each job and respond swiftly at the same time.
  • Latest cutting-edge technology is deployed widely at the plant, including strong process control and flow, CAM deployment in manufacturing, fully automated testing with safety as a focus, fully robotic welding to cover seat overlays and full valve body cladding with materials like stellite and Inconel grades etc.
  • The company employs around 400 people, and almost half of these have technical & engineering qualifications. Design and Quality Assurance teams put together is larger than the production team staff. This guarantees that the company understands all the intricacies of the products and continue to learn, evolve and develop.
  • The company invests a lot in software, both licensed and in-house, to provide the right tools for its people so that they work effectively and have the right quality systems that can provide the best results to its customers.
  • The company is also able to perform a variety of in-house tests - from regular testing with automated test set ups to high end testing which could be product prototyping, third party certifications or client endorsements. The company can perform API 591 related testing and set ups for high pressure, pneumatic, high temperature, cryogenic, fire safe, cycle testing of the products, fugitive emission, valve actuation, UL qualification testing and much more.
  • Quality Control is strictly in-house. And the company has third party accreditations and regional certifications to supply anywhere in the world including CE marking, registration to supply to Canada, Russia, and the CIS and to most other parts of the world.
  • Advance Valves employs Automated precision manufacturing, high end test equipment and has set-up a fully dedicated Instrumentation section in-house. The company has valve automation design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • The company also has in-house facility for cryogenic testing of valves up to 60 inches that is amongst the largest in India.
  • The industry has acknowledged Advance Valves’ products as high performance, high value solutions in a sector that tends to be monopolistic due to technical complexity

Market reach

  • The company has a footprint of supplies to more than 50 countries across the world through diverse project locations