Automation Solutions serve the following purposes

  • Motorised Intelligent On/Off application for pipeline, Tankage areas, Plant off-sites and on-sites
  • Pneumatic On/Off application for plant on-sites and off-sites, Tankage area etc.
  • Electro-Hydraulic On/Off application for pipeline and Tankage area etc.
  • Modulating Control Function for Plant onsite and off-sited, pipelines, Tankage area etc.
  • Wired and wireless Remote Operation for any plant and non-plant applications
  • Quick Closing Emergency Shut Down applications for plant and non-plant applications

Advance Valves supplies

  • Remotely Operated Shutoff Valves (ROSoV) also called Emergency Isolation Valves (EIV) or Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDV).
  • The On-Off valve along with variety of accessories including Pneumatic actuators.
  • Control valves.
  • Motor Operated Valve (MOV) also called On-Off.