Advance Valves Group has been a company providing world-class technology solutions to global customers for the past three & half decades through a well-oiled network of offices and dealers in India, the Middle East, the US & Europe. The company has been a Pioneer & Innovator for its wide range of Valves like Dual Plate Check Valves, Balancing Valves, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves & Valves with Pre-Insulation manufactured at its four fully equipped ultra-modern facilities in India.

Since the beginning itself, the group has been a market leader & preferred vendor. Globally, customers in the Oil & Gas, LNG & Cryogenic, Chemicals & Fertilisers, Power, Steel & Mining, Marine, Water, Firefighting, HVAC, Building & Construction industries have found a partner for the success of their investments.

The company firmly believes in project partnering and customized solutions to adhere to each unique need of the customer. This has enabled Advance Valves’ approval and usage by major end-users of valves and engineering companies globally.

Advance Valves is one of India’s largest professionally managed industrial valve manufacturing groups having established its position among the Top 3 Make in India Valve Manufacturers using advanced technology and efficient processes to achieve the highest standards of Quality & Delivery.

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The company’s product performance and understanding of application orientation are evident in that Advance Valves is the first Indian valve manufacturer to become a voting member of the API standards committee. The Group’s core strength lies in constantly offering Innovative solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. The proof of the same lies in the fact that Advance Valves holds the right valve patent and have invented the world’s First Large Size Balancing Valve (US Patent No. 8714190), a solution for central chilled water systems in the HVAC industry.

Advance Valves Group has earned the Global reputation of a:-

  • Reliable source for a specialized range of Valves with high-tech engineering.
  • Vendor with cutting-edge manufacturing and robust quality management systems.

This is because of its ability to supply:-

  • Valves of exotic metallurgies, including superior Nickel alloys & Titanium..
  • Valves of sizes between 50 mm (2”) to 3000 mm (120”) N.B.
  • Valves up to ANSI # 2500, and API 6A.

And its ability to:-

  • Meet client’s stringent quality requirements, including bubble–tight shutoff.
  • Manufacture valves for Cryogenic applications down to -196 deg. C.
  • Manufacture valves for Fire-Safe applications up to 550 deg C.
  • Manufacture valves complying with Fugitive Emission norms.
  • Ability to supply UL Certified Valves for Fire-Water Service.

Further Advance Valves specializes in the manufacture of:-

  • Balancing Valves made by Advance Valves are considered a de-facto standard in the Indian HVAC sector.
  • Dual Plate Check Valves (as per API 594/API 6D).
  • High Performance Metal Seated and Soft Seated Butterfly Valves (as per API 609).
  • in metallurgies suitable for all petrochemical, sour services, seawater services, power & chemical, mining, power, and oxygen sectors, amongst other applications. These include offerings in Aluminium Bronze, Duplex S.S, Titanium, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, and Inco Alloy amongst other superalloys.


  • Customer First - We exist for and because of our customers worldwide, providing robust value creation, creating customer delight & being a distinct & significant long-term partner and leader.
  • Integrity - We operate with the highest levels of fairness, ethics, and commitment to our work & towards all.
  • Respect - We respect each other as individuals and value each person’s time, effort, and contribution, in a collaborative team environment.
  • Excellence - In all aspects, we seek and practice excellence and world-class quality in products, processes, and practices – every single day
  • Innovation - We nurture and practice creativity and continuous innovation with audacity, in all our products and processes.
  • Citizenship - We strive to be model citizens in our community, nation, and planet to build a brighter sustainable future together.