Advance Multi-Scale Differential Pressure Meter

  • High accuracy.
  • Selectable Pressure units.
  • Intrinsically safe models certified EFX ia IIC T4.
  • Dust and waterproof to Ip67.
  • Gauge (single input) or differential (double input).
  • Measurement of positive and negative (vacuum) pressure.
  • Adjustable zero value.
  • Maximum, Minimum and hold functions.
  • Average reading function.
  • Selectable auto switch off.
  • Functions as portable calibrator with TK 2 test Kit.

Advance C9557/SIL portable pressure meter combine high accuracy and speed of response, together with ease of use altogether superior to traditional measurement methods.

With measurement capacity up to 7 bar gauge or differential pressure, they have a robust, waterproof design suitable for use in almost any environment.

Microprocessor electronics enable readings to be displayed in any one of the available pressure scales. Either input can be connected with the other left open for measurements relative to atmosphere (gauge pressure). Both inputs can be connected for differential pressure measurements.

Features include maximum/minimum pressure readings, which can be held and displayed in any available scale; and over-range indication. Accuracy is enhanced by an adjustable zero value and an averaging filter function.

Advance C9557/SIL is specially configured for Hydronic Balancing applications and also suitable for applications gas pressures, boiler flue draught, checking filters in air conditioning systems, laboratories and clean rooms, process pressures, service and maintenance, calibration of other instrumentation.

All instruments are supplied with tubing and connectors to suit Hydronic Balancing using Advance make Balancing Valves.

Advanace C9557/SIL instrument is suitable for liquid, gas and air measurement.

Flow computation software

To enable site engineers to calculate the flow, Advance will supply software installable on window based Laptop and Desktop, designed for all Advance make Balancing Valves. For determining flow, the engineer needs to select the valve model, size and enter the Turns / Angle setting on the valve and the differential pressure reading from digital meter / mercury manometer.

The Units for Differential Pressure and flow is selectable by the site engineer. This is simple to operate software.

Scale For Liquids C9557/SIL
PSI Range 0 to + 100
Resolution 0.1
mbar Range 0 to + 6900
Resolution 1
inH2O Range 0 to + 2750
Resolution 1
inHg Range 0 to + 200
Resolution 0.1
mmHg Range 0 to + 5200
Resolution 1
torr Range 0 to + 5200
Resolution 1
Pa Range -
Resolution -
Kpa Range 0 to + 690
Resolution 0.1
mmH2O Range -
Resolution -
cmH2O Range 0 to + 7000
Resolution 1
Kgcm4 Range 0 to + 7.0
Resolution 0.001
Maximum Over Pressure 200 PSI
Under Pressure 13700 mbar
Accuracy at 230C + 0.2% of full scale
Repeatability at 230C + 0.1% of full scale
Operating Range 0 to 500C (Temperature), 10 to 90% RH non condensing (Humidity)
Environmental Rating Ip67, BS EN 60529, IEC 529.