ROSoV/ Pneumatic On Off

Remotely Operated Shutoff Valves (ROSoV) are valves designed and installed for the purpose of quickly isolating plant items which are used for the storage of hazardous substances.
These valves could also be called Emergency Isolation Valves (EIV) or Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDV). A ROSoV VALVE with a Failsafe actuation for emergency Shutdown duties is a key safeguard for Tank Farm.
The On-Off valve along with variety of accessories including Pneumatic actuators are used in the application where valve is in fully open condition or fully closed condition. Advance has the facility to provide the ON-OFF valve with pneumatic actuator and MOV from size range of 2" to 100" upto class rating of ANSI #900. On-Off valves are majorly accessorized with Solenoid Valve, Air filter regulator, Limit switch, Positioners, MODBUS Serial / Foundation Fieldbus / Profibus etc.
The principal advantage of these valves is that these are cost effective and that make these option a little attractive.