Replaceable Liner Butterfly Valves ( Low Torque )

Advance Valves BF 10R series is a lightweight low torque butterfly valve.
Its compact design provides excellent structural stability, flow efficiency and effective sealing resulting in prolonged service life and ease of operation. This valve’s uniqueness is a replaceable seat with a tongue-and-groove design which always provides complete isolation of flowing media from the body. The specially designed liner is an easy “clip-on” design eliminating the use of any bonding material. This feature, therefore, avoids the separation of valve body and liner which occurs in other valves during regular operation over a period leading to valve-body damage and consequent valve replacement and downtime.

This valve is ideal for low-pressure applications up to 10 bar (150psi).

Advance Valves has optimised the requirement for actuated valves solution whereby its full range of rubber lined valves with concentric butterfly design is mated to a single-phase electrical operator. These low emission valves have a specially designed high induction motor generating a powerful starting torque. The actuator is compact and lightweight and is maintenance-free - truly a fit-n-forget solution, additionally eliminating the headaches of actuator-sizing by the end-users and keeping an emission check.

In various sectors, particularly in industrial applications and HVAC lines, integrally molded liner valves are gaining prominence, especially in PN16 rating valves. However, it is evident from current project trends that replaceable liner valves still hold a major share in butterfly valve applications worldwide.Advance Valves is successfully supplying its low-torque replaceable liner valves to the market. These valves can be equipped with motorized actuators and are also available in a pre-insulated version, providing a time- and energy-saving solution for modern projects.

Advance Valves has enhanced its actuated butterfly valves solutions by integrating its entire range of rubber lined valves with a concentric butterfly design into a single-phase electrical operator. These low-emission valves are equipped with a specially designed high-induction motor that delivers powerful starting torque. The compact and lightweight actuator is maintenance-free, offering a genuinely "fit and forget" solution. Furthermore, this design removes the complexity of actuator sizing for users and ensures compliance with emission standards.

Key Features of Low Torque Butterfly Valve

  • Designs available as per API 609, EN:BS 593, IS 13095.
  • Anti-Static & Anti-Blowout features.
  • Low Operating Torque.
  • Wafer body design from 50mm (12”) upto 300mm (12”). Lugged models available on request.
  • Valve Rating of PN10 (150psi).
  • Operating temperatures ranging between -20 ° C to 120 ° C.
  • Bi-Directional Flow with Bubble-Tight Shut-Off.
  • Capable of both On / Off and regulating services.
  • Seat Liner easily replaceable
  • ISO 5211 Operator Mounting Flange.
  • Perfectly mated to a single-phase electrical actuator.
  • Maintenance and trouble free.