Nozzle Check Valve

As a natural evolution to the non-return valve range, Advance Valve introduced their NZ-Series of axially operated Nozzle Check non-return valve with non-slam characteristics for special applications.
The design incorporates latest 3D designed tools and rigorous computational fluid dynamics analysis validated by experimental testing to ensure a well matured, efficient, and reliable product range.
Our NZ-Series of nozzle check valve design provide streamlined and unrestricted flow through the valve ensuring comparatively higher flow rates and low pressure-drop across the valve which inherently ensures low energy loss in the line thus improving the operational efficiency of any plant in operation. The design takes advantage of the tear drop shaped special venturi design to improve static as well as the dynamic performance of the valve. Due to the robust design of NZ- series valves which encompasses features like low failure rate, practically zero maintenance requirements, zero seat leakage and improved performance characteristics, these valves can be effectively, efficiently, and safely used in critical process applications in particularly large size gas and liquid flow pipelines.

Key Features of Advance Valves’ Axial / Nozzle Check Valves

  • Designed as per ANSI B16.34.
  • Non-slam axially operated.
  • Self-operated, no external force required.
  • High flow coefficient, low pressure drop.
  • Quick response to change in flow direction.
  • Metal seated, efficient tight shut-off sealing.
  • Double Flange Body design as standard, other end connections available.
  • Zero emission.
  • Maintenance-free.