Pre-Insulation Butterfly Valves

Advance Pre-Insulated Valve Specifications

Valve Insulation is Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam (PUF) with density higher than 70 kg/m3. It is suitable for an operating temperature range of -40°C to 120° C. The insulation is protected by a cladding of HDPE to ensure life of the PUF and to prevent Pettinaroli Commissioning Solution peeling and damage to it. The insulation has Class P fire performance as per H5476 part 5 for ignitability and mean flame spread of less than 125mm as per Pre-Insulation Balancing Valves BS 4735. This identifies the material as Self Extinguishing with fire retardant properties. Insulation is done such that mounting bolts for the valve are fully enclosed by valve insulation. Standard flanges and bolts can be Accessories used with no change in flange insulation method. Flange bolts shall be tightened directly on metal surface of flange and not on top of insulation.
Butterfly Valves

Range of Valves

  • Concentric Butterfly Valves - 50mm (2") to 600mm (24" Manual or Motorized)