Butterfly Triple Eccentric Valves

Butterfly Triple offset is the high performance metal to metal seated valves designed that would be suitable in throttling as well as positive isolation.
The disc in case move smoothly, free from friction. The unique Replaceable seat & seal configuration of Advance BT series minimizes shut down time and requirement of spare of valves making this a very attractive product. Even the product is replacing traditional Gate and Ball Valve.
Triple Offset Butterfly Valves Quarter turn operation are:
  • Easy operation, suitable for quick response
  • Environment friendly with low FE
  • Compact and structurally integrates with the system
  • Sustainable Tight Shut off
  • Good Control even in High Capacity & Large Size
  • Low Maintenance in full metal seating.

The salient features include

  • 3” to 100”
  • High pressure range of ANSI # 300, # 600 & #900
  • Suitable for -196° C (Cryogenic) to 900° C (Fire Safe applications)
  • Bi-directional performance
  • End connections to suit, including Wafer, Lugged, Flanged, Butt Weld, Special design include Jacketed, Zero leakage & bi-directional
  • Metal to Metal seated, thus intrinsically fire safe
  • Standard compliance with API 609, 598, 607, BS 6364 amongst others