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June 2010 and the heat is really on. Delhi and surrounding areas have been experiencing a very hot summer with temperatures hovering around the 50 ° C mark.Recent rains have brought temperatures down, but read on for some hot news. Enhanced Website Launched

The first stage of our redesigned dynamic data-base driven website is ready and up and running. The site has been modernised and updates viewers with all that has happened with Advance Valves in the recent past.

We invite our esteemed clients to visit our website and provide inputs as to what else you would like to see there. Feedback could be provided by going to the “Feedback” page or these could be mailed to us at

Some technical data is in the process of being updated especially for the new models of valves (including large sized valves, and butterfly valves with pressure ratings upto ANSI # 900) that we have developed and sold; these details will also be up soon.


Advance Valves Listed on KBR's AML (Accepted Manufacturers List)

We are proud to inform our readers that KBR has approved Advance Valves' Products. KBR, formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton, is an American EPC, headquartered in Houston. KBR is currently executing projects in many countries including those in North America, Chad, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, Denmark, Australia etc.

Special Feature : Balancing Valves – Product Enhancements

Advance Valves believes in providing a complete spectrum of valve solutions in terms of metallurgy, pressure class and size, for our product range. Our Balancing Valves (also referred to as a Double Regulating Valve, DRV) are used primarily in the Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC) sector . These valves are also used in Desalination plants. Chilled water, glycol or brine solution are the usual media for these applications.

Our valves are considered to be a de-facto standard in the Indian HVAC sector, and whilst Advance Valves was a pioneer in introducing these valves in India 25 years ago, it continues to remain a market leader for this category of valves today.

These valves are in the size range of 1” – 24” with a pressure rating of PN 16. The Valve Design Standard complies with DIN 3202 / BS 7570. Material of construction ranges from gun-metal to cast iron.

Balancing Valves with digital handle for the size range 015mm to 080mm and cast iron balancing valves up to size 300mm are also provided.

In order to support large HVAC plants, we have enhanced the range of our Balancing Valves. Today, we can supply specially designed Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves upto 600mm which “doubles up” as a DRV. This new design gives more flexibility to the HVAC system designers and we will contribute to the economical functioning of HVAC units. For further information on this development, readers may download specs by clicking here.


In our previous newsletter (May edition) we have inadvertently referred to CTCI being based in Korea. CTCI is Taiwan's largest EPC with over 2000 employees, and CINDA is their Indian venture, with the twin objective of executing domestic projects as well as of vendor development for their global projects. The error is regretted.



June, 2010, Issue 6
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